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Lilly perrott art and graphics

A collection of art I make and people I shoot
Lilly M Perrott, Inner west Sydney, Illustration Design
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→ Aug 2014
→ Aug 2014
→ Aug 2014
→ Aug 2014 Playingg
→ Jul 2014 mewwtant:

Water colour class got me buggin’ (at SVA West 21st St. building)

Super sad that next week is my last week for this subject! I feel like I’ve learnt a lot.
→ Jul 2014 Illustration I did for Patti Smith’s book of poems about Robert Mapplethorpe
→ Jul 2014 I’ve been working a lot lately at Inked in the graphic design dept. and learning lots! I just had my first few spreads go to print too for the August issue!
→ Jul 2014 An editorial spot illustration from my design class
→ Jul 2014 From my water colour class, playing with ‘tone’
→ Jul 2014 Work in progress of my last illustration for fab egos online magazine